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The viewing of this website, commissioning the photographer and/or purchase of any images, prints or products offered for sale within the galleries constitutes an agreement on your behalf to the terms and conditions outlined below which are subject to change without notice.

You ( the viewer) of this web site agree to indemnify and hold harmless Marklyn Photography, it's agents, assignees and business associates from any loss, liability, damage or costs, including any and all court costs and legal fees that may result , either directly or indirectly , from your use of this web site or as a result of commissioning Marklyn Photography.

Copyright of all photographs forming this web site belongs solely to Marklyn Photography and cannot be assigned to any other parties by any agents of or anyone acting on behalf of Marklyn Photography (all rights reserved).

Storage, reproduction and/or use of these images in any form (including the creation of derivative works or copies in any medium whatsoever) and the use of my intellectual property as source material for other works or for any reason other than viewing as part of this web site without express permission from Marklyn Photography is strictly forbidden and will be deemed as a breach of my copyright and appropriate action taken.

The mention of, or inclusion of information pertaining to third parties and other companies on this website is solely for information purposes and not a recommendation of any services offered by themselves.

Print Orders

Print orders are processed by debit/credit card either by Paypal or Worldpay on their secure servers, you do not need a paypal/worldpay account to order prints and this method accepts all major credit/debit cards.

Print Orders are despatched to me from my print suppliers, most print orders will be fulfilled promptly; please allow 28 working days from completion of payment for delivery in case of postal delays/delays in the laboratory etc.

Ownership of any product ordered does not pass to the purchaser until all monies due have been paid and received in in full.

The colour balance of any prints supplied is not guaranteed to match the colours displayed on this website. The size of images and borders around the images may vary this being dependent on the size and orientation of the original image and the format of the print purchased.

Notification of non receipt of order must be received in writing with a reasonable time of the transaction (2 calendar months).

Wedding Commissions

A 100 booking fee ( 50 for our Bare Essentials option ) is payable at time of making the booking, this is non refundable except in the case of the highly unlikely cancellation by the photographer. In the case of cancellation by ourselves before the wedding day the photographers liability is limited to the refund of monies paid.

The remaining balance is to be paid one month prior to the wedding date.

Cancellation Policy

As per distance selling regulations, you have the right to cancel any contract entered into via the internet/phone within 14 calendar days.

If the client for any reason cancels the wedding/wedding photography/album or wedding storybook order after the 14 day cooling off period all booking fees and/or other payments made to the photographer will be forfeit.

Non Payment

In the case of non payment of any balance for wedding photography services left unpaid closer than thirty days before the the wedding date I reserve the right to cancel the contract, in this case monies paid are non-refundable to cover any expenses incurred.

Image usage/supply

Edited Images from your wedding day are usually available for viewing between four & twelve weeks after the wedding day, this time period being dependant on the photographers workload at the time. Ordered Data Discs and/or USB's are usually produced soon afterwards.

We aim to design & order wedding storybooks within four months from your wedding day although in peak times this can be longer.

The client is permitted to display low resolution images supplied on digital media for non commercial usage on their personal website or blog, facebook page or other social networking website provided that any watermark or text placed upon the image by the photographer is left intact and not obscured or altered in any way.

The client is also permitted to make one backup copy of any images supplied as digital media.

Marklyn Photography reserves the right to use any images taken during any commissioned photoshoot or event (such as a wedding,engagement, anniversary or portrait photoshoot) for advertising,commercial and promotional purposes in both print and digital media online. By commissioning Marklyn Photography for a wedding or other event you grant Marklyn Photography, it's agents, assignees and business associates the right in perpetuality to use the images as described.

Reproduction of purchased prints by any means or process is strictly forbidden and shall be deemed a breach of my copyright in respect of the image/s concerned.

Where photographs are supplied on DVD/CD the disc is prepared as a data disc for use in pc/laptop disc drives. It's suitability for use in other devices such as an Xbox 360/PlayStations/Games Consoles/DVD Players cannot be guaranteed. Marklyn Photography is not liable for any problems caused by attempting to read the supplied digital media in these devices.

Limitations placed upon the photographer by circumstances beyond his control

Limitations placed upon the photographer at a church, chapel or other venue. By commissioning Marklyn Photography for a wedding photoshoot you agree that the photographer may have limits placed upon him by the Minister or Officiant in regards to taking photographs during the wedding or use of flash photography. In such circumstances coverage of the event and quality of the resulting images may be affected.

In light of the recent release of Pokémon Go in the UK & upsurge in the use of public parks & open spaces by Pokémon players it is the clients’ responsibility to check the suitability of any site chosen by them for the purpose of wedding photography.

Marklyn Photography cannot be held responsible for disruption to a wedding photoshoot in such circumstances.

This clause also applies in the event of other similar games or public events having a similar impact upon otherwise suitable public locations for wedding photography.

Inclement weather

In the case of inclement weather conditions the coverage of the wedding as well as the quantity & quality of photographs may be affected.

Client Conduct

At no time before, during or after a wedding photoshoot and under no circumstances whatsoever shall we tolerate rude, abusive,threatening, violent, destructive, menacing or harassing behaviour from the client or any party acting on behalf of the client. If such behaviour does occur we reserve the right to cancel all coverage of the wedding/contract with immediate effect with no refund of monies paid being payable to the client. Any costs due to damage to equipment caused by the client or a member of the clients wedding party will be billed to the client.